Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Role of Youth in National Integration

Youths are the back –bone of a nation. They can make or destroy a nation. Nation –integration is a concept of national – utility. Integration or unity means co-ordination in any organization. Society has three parts. They are worked jointly with each and other. These parts are children, youths,;and olds . Children and old person cannot build a nation because they have not any power in their blood. If youths can easily develops our nation. India with spiritual India. 

Swami vivekanand said," young persons are like steel or stone. They can break rock. Ram chander and yogiraj Krishna was established integration by message of Ramayana and gita. So youths should rise, awake and never sleep before achieve. Their target of mukti or mokesh.
Every year, we celebrate youth day. All the researches and invention are done by youths. Today, India is suffering with several problems like poverty, population explosion, unemployment and violence. Youths can solve these problems through following formula.

Please understand this model or formula

youths - same thinking young blood

evincible – they have qualities to win target

vision – they should have great imagination or wisdom

Center – integration of above factor and will include in all youths

The above formula or model has come into existence with wide research. If every rational old – blood will awake young blood then it is the possibility of the integration of India.

Today, Indian – youths have mislead with television or cable system. They are forgetting their culture and moral values after flowing into the water of western culture .our culture is our diamond – property. Culture draws a line of lakshman –rakha in which we respects our elders and children .so Indian –youth should respect our cultural values for the progress of India. The words development, progress and unity lay vary much importance. Youth can easily integrate India but youths are also suffering the problem of violence. We listen the news of murder or killing each day. They quarrel each other. The quantum of quarrel is increasing day by day. What is reason of this quarrel why are powerful youths quashing thin- youths?

 In my opinion, we should n’t treat like quake. The work must be done from self when we spend our life with discipline. We will be prototype for all other misleading youths. It is a sine –qua – non-in every can attract prima facie. Education is the most important factor of any developed society. in the words of honorable rastrapati ji , it is the most important element for the growth and prosperity of nation .

 Educated youths enables us to understand and milestones the modern society has achieved and links common people with the scientific achievements and technological breakthroughs made by our youths . Yet there are 350 million illiterates in India even now besides a large numbers of such literate who have to acquire employable skill to suit emerging modern India and globe government has been striving hard to impart education to all youth and make the whole country literate. On the eve of independence day address to the nation the president Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam presented a grand roadmap for the human resources manager of the country so that education needs all the remaining 350 million Indian who are yet to get the light of education can be taken care of in the near future and youths have once again taken an important assuring place in the national curriculum role of youth is very important concept for me because I am also youth, when I think that at my age blood is very healthy moved . 

Silence or calmness is much important for youth,. I taught my self. I am a social – worker on hobby base. I suggest to all youths that unity among them will be the unity of India . unity of India can work for unity of world .god is work with rule of unity of command . each and every thing works without quarrel at certain time with the natural order of god .youth should also obey the rule of unity of command . they should respect their government rules and regulation . each religion gives us this authenticity of love and affection youths of India must be integral not only our nation but whole the world.

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