Monday, November 28, 2011

Wife Duties

Following are the main duties of a wife.

1. It is the duty of wife to take care of her children. She should provide necessary things to her children.

2. It is the duty of wife to take care the studies of her children.

3. It is the duty of wife to serve the husband's parent.

4. It is the duty of wife to wash, to cook the food, to serve the husband.

5. It is the duty of wife to carry her husband to path of goodness.

6. It is the duty of wife to give the support to her husband in his happiness and sadness.

7. It is the duty to save the money of her husband.

Written by Ashwani Kumar 

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Role of Teacher in Education

Teachers are deep related with education. They can change the whole education system by teaching the subject with interesting way. Education is the concept of learning but not cramming. Education is not book of history. Even a history teacher can teach history by creating curiosity in his students by comparison it with current situation. At that time history looks like present education but not boring. Good teachers make education interesting and explain difficult concepts just as comic story. Other parts of society can not build the character of students. But only teacher can easily develop the character of students by his own character. Students learn from the life style of teacher. They follow what the teacher is doing.

Every year, we celebrate teacher day. Teachers create great researchers and inventors. But these days, it is huge shortage of good teacher. News and youtube videos are filled by new cases and statistics of bad teachers who create bad relation with their girl students and lady teachers create bad relation with boy-student. They are not really teacher but they are big rascals. They are spreading bad smell in the pure area of education. They should become good teacher like Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan, The birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan came to be celebrated as Teacher's Day when, one day, some of his students and friends requested him to allow them to celebrate his birthday. In reply, Dr. Radhakrishnan said, "instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5th is observed as Teacher's day". From then onwards, Dr. Radhakrishnan's birthday is observed as Teacher's Day all across India. By telling this story, I want to tell that what great teachers do for remembering them.

Teachers of India are forgetting their responsibility. They think that just cover the syllabus, taking the papers in examination and declaring the result are the main part of their duty. They do not understand that Indian young students are going to wrong way. They need their guidance for becoming good citizen instead good engineer, accountant or doctor. Today, I am seeing the video “Three idiots” in this video,

Like this so many teacher can create capability in students. After this, students can succeed in life. If you have remembered scene in which he writes some words on the black board and asks what are meaning of these words. Students can use books and note book and tell me within just half minute. But nobody can tell the answer because all are busy to just check the answer. No students are interested to learn this new word why did this happen, because teachers have created this situation. They give importance to bookish definitions; they give the importance to written material in books. Even when they check the papers they just check the definition are correct or incorrect on the basis of what is written in books. They are not interested what does student write new. If teacher will change this trend and support to students to think new. After this students can invent new things and new ideas.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Role of Youth in Community Development

Youths are the parts of community. Community can solve every problem with tenant of youths. Community is not just group of people but it is the group of children, young and old people who have different knowledge but they are interested to work with each other. At young age, youths have power to generate new idea to solve problems of society. Suppose, in Specific Street, there is the shortage of electricity. No one is interested to talk this matter to higher authority. Youths of that street can make the community to talk this matter to higher authority and complaint irresponsible officers and employees of electricity department.

In One quote of Swami Vivekananda says

Time of young age is not for wasting by making chatting community, but youths should make community for solving social problems of India.

Youth can develop the skill of making good community from Swami Ji's quotes. It is also duty of different associations that they should take youths as active worker of association.

It is very sad news that youths are making community online for finding girlfriends and boyfriends and sharing their naked, nude, unclothed, undressed and porn pictures and videos. They are spoiling their worthy time. It is very good, if they create community for collecting donation for Haiti earthquake tragedy. It is very good, if they creation online community for providing free education to poor. It is also good, if they make the group of youths online and start educational project in Wikipedia and Wikiversity. Youths can create more community feeling in country by following two things.

High Vision #

Set high vision for development of country.

High Aim #

Set high aim for development of country

Vision and aim of youths should be high because, when youths will interact in community, then it is possible they will not stand longer, if they have not set high vision and aim.

One more important factor is affecting youth that is internet. Before invention of internet, youths of community met each other after job or business hours. Now, they meet on twitter or face book. They can listen  read the sorrow or happiness of friends’ just 140 words of twitter. Some smart youths can also says that this is recent and new trend of create vast community in the world. But, I can say, if you have no time to meet your friend offline, then you are create just community, community and community by following, following and following but good network’s base is love whose presence must be start from your home, street and it will reach to the society of your village and city. I am not criticizing face book and twitter but fix the time for them.

You must know that in India there are 350 million illiterates even after invention and developing of internet. There is more than 70% of Indians who can not afford Rs. 500 for internet charges to get free education online. If youths want to rise, awake and never sleep before achieve their vision or aim, then they have to mould and to shape community for providing education to illiterates and for helping literates to acquire employable skills. It is the dream of Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil who addressed to nation on the eve of Independence Day 15th Aug. 2009 that weaker sections of country can only uplift by creating large number of youths community on NGO basis. Our present Prime minister also accepted, without support of Indian great youths which are working in business, companies and services sector, development of India is impossible.

In end, I say only that youths of India should join and create community for taking the responsibility of country as mission. After this, whole world can understand real importance of youths in community. They can understand what can youth do. After progress works of community, their reputation will increase not only in India but in whole world.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

National Youth Day of India – 12th January 2010

Swami Vivekananda had done the largest works for development of youths of India. He was born on 12th Jan. 1863. So, this day is also celebrated as National Youth Day. This day is just tribute to great youth of India, Swami Vivekananda who had given direction to Indian youths in his lecture and books. Swami Ji’s written books are the great source of inspiration for the Indian Youths.
Today is 9th Jan. 2010 and after two days, the day will come that will be 12th Jan. 2010. In that day, we should celebrate Swami Vivekananda’s birthday as Indian Youth Day by reading his books, remembering his thoughts and act up on his mission. Even in this day you can distribute all his teachings which can be found in The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, in nine volumes, published by Advaita Ashrama, Kolkata.

For more we can do following activities on this day:

1. By generating moral values.
2. By enlightening inner soul.
3. By educating slum and poor children.
4. By donating blood.
5. By doing youth conventions.
6. By celebrating by starting competition in essay-writing on the topic “Teachings of Swami Vivekananda”.
7. By Worshipping of God.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Youth leadership in India - Need , Importance and Steps to Become Indian Leader

Youth leadership in India is needed for bringing revolution in Indian economy, management, Industry, society and politics. Once youth leadership will set up, it may possible that all slow work will become fast. Youth leadership will also provide new way of achievement from useful idea. But presented problem is that no one wants to give change to youth for becoming leader. They think youths can take wrong action in their zeal which may harmful for development of India. 62 years record of Indian politics shows that all old after 50 except Rajiv Gandhi become prime minister of India. Is India thinks that Old is gold and youth is zero.
I think this is wrong; Indian Youth is still Hero after Swami Vivekananda, one of great India who guided India through his spiritual thoughts up to the age of 39. Except of Politics, Indian youth leadership can be seen every where.

In politics, many youths do not want to go because of its corruption and other day to day Indian political scams. If any youth wants to go, it may possible that he has not obtained opportunity to enter in it. Whatever happens in past, now in present time, it is required that youth in India should take part in political leadership.

We are seeing many problems of our economy like poverty, unemployment, changing of environment climate and inflation which were started 50 years ago in the time of Nehru and still are in India in the time of Manmohan . Why? Answer is so clear that politics was not in the hand of youth. I saw the movie of Kayak in which Anil Kapoor was taking the interview from old political leader and chief minister of Maharashtra. He asked from CM that Indian youths voted the old political leaders in the hope that they will solve the problems of India but they disappointed from them. Why? The reply of Old CM was that he is providing dish antenna, telephone booths and internet facility. Today, everybody wears the shoes and people’s standard of level has increased. But Anil Kapoor said that no one Indian laborer is not wondering in car. Richer is becoming rich and poor is becoming poor.

Main aim of Giving this movie’s scenes as example is to tell Indian youth that if they just standing without any movement or not to take leadership like one day CM, it is not possible to solve the problems and bundle of problems of India. Today, in India, everything is becoming costly. Few days ago, 4 Crores Sugar was found from black marketer’s godown and like these black marketing, political leaders are also earning. Youths can take action against them. But lack of unity, they can not do any thing. Youth leadership can bring unity in India. After this, India currency’s one rupees will soon one dollar. For this India youth has to change himself. They should boost like USA youths. They should respect the work. They should do hard work. After this, what they receive that is wages. Respect wages. USA youth respects laborer work but India youth thinks it as lower level work. Without doing labor work Indian Youth can not become good leader. A single USA youth is leader from birth. Why? Because they study with their own money. They work in hotel as worker and cook. After this they receive, use them for getting higher education. By this way, large numbers of good qualities are automatically yielded . Indian youths should do their work without any dependency on their parents or others. This is one of basic rule to become boss.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Youth And Moral Values

There is deep relationship between youth and moral Values . If youths adopt all moral values and operate their life according to this , then they will become more responsible for performing their duty . After this nobody can misuse youths.
Today , youths are not responsible because they do not know their moral values . They abuse their parents . They scold their elders . Even , they do not feel shame to insult others by commenting bad . Why are spreading these things . Answer is clear . Lack of moral value and its education to youths .
In Ramayna , Shri Lakshman sacrificed for his elder brothers . How many brothers are like Lakshman . Modernisation has reduced the moral values . Modernisation has appended fashion just fashion . If we deeply see then we can find that natural beauty is in moral values . Many moral values are learnt from family. It is the duty of parent to teach moral values to their children in the beginning because one day , these children will become youth without moral values , they will not become good citizen . Target of welfare society is only possible after designing the youth with moral value color .
I can give simple example of youth's moral value . Suppose , old person wants to cross the road and a youth is very nearer to him. It is his moral duty that he should help the poor person . Moral values makes youth angel.
I can give another example , Suppose , you are youth and you see the person on the road after accident , a well educated youth can go by leaving him on the road but a person with full of moral value will surely help that needy people . I saw the picture of Aprachit . This is Hindi movie and in this many events are only teaching of moral values to youth . God is seeing every thing , if we do not do our duty well or neglect from our duty . We are responsible ourselves for getting punishment .
Awaking moral values in youth can reduce black marketing , adulteration , cheating , fraud and manipulation. Swami Vivekananda had struggle to awake moral values in youth . He said always , awake , arise and not stop till goal is achieved . It means awake your moral values by firm determination that you are one of great part of god and why are you doing immoral works . God has given power to earn honestly , then why are you earning by cheating . Self realization , self analysis are good technique to awake your moral values .
The followings are main moral values of youth .
  1. Help to helpless
  2. Listen the moral education
  3. Self inspection in night , what did I do immoral in whole day.
  4. Create inspiration for others
  5. Think about others need , position , respect and value

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Awareness in Youths about eye donation

Awareness in youths about eye donation is very important because if they abandon their ignorance and start to donate eyes , a new revolution in eye donation can be easily brought . For doing this all youths have to unite and accinge for this great revolution . First of youths will have to acquaint basic concept of eye donation , After this India can acquire the target of large scale eye donation from Indian youths . So , today tutorial's main aim is to education about different concept of eye donation .

Please concentrate and read before donating your eyes :-

# 1. What is eye donation

Eye donation is that donation in which you have fill the form of your voluntary will to donate your eyes after your death . This eye donation form after signing is submitted by donor to nearest eye bank .

# 2. Why should I donate eyes ?

Ist : In India 25 lakhs people are blind due to Corneal . This blindness can easily treat with Corneal transplantation . When you donate eyes , you can yield two blind people's eye light . After your death , they can see this world .

2nd : In eye donation , your eyes will be taken after your death . So , without any fear , you should donate your eyes to eye bank .

3rd : After donation , you can feel satisfaction .

# 3. What is eye bank ?

Eye bank is that bank which collects eyes from death person when his relative informs doctor of this bank , this bank takes eyes of death person and keep it in live position and distribute it free to blind people .

So , please contact your nearest eye bank , department of ophthalmology PGI Chandigarh , India , your nearest govt. hospital , Eye Bank Association of America , Iowa Lions Eye Bank and Heartland Lions Eye Banks , ns Eye Donation Service, Melbourne Australia .

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Role of teacher in bringing social changes

Teacher is not just man to teach something . But In India , teacher is also a Guru who provides every knowledge to students. These students make society and nation. So, with providing good teaching , teacher can make good citizens of nation who respects our elders.

Teacher and its role for reform of society is very important . In this world , there are large number of profession from writing to production , but teaching is a profession which deals with the behaviour of students and teacher can develop the behaviour of students . After developing of the behaviour , students can develop their character . In my words , teacher provides the skill to do work by more efficiently .

Without , teacher we can not get education and without education we are nothing .

Teacher has also role to reforms and revaluation in society . By doing his duty , he spreads literacy in society . By this , illiteracy and ignorance can be removed . We know that ignorance is the base of every problem like high rate of population , poverty , unemployment and pollution . If teacher performs his duty honestly . Our society can also become honest .

It is teacher who invents new idea and provides to his students . With these ideas , students of great teacher have invented all new inventions .

If we are living this society by very relax and comfortable , the main reason beyond this , the hard work of teachers and their research for discovery of new things for society welfare.

Somebody knows teachers as guide because , he directs students step by step .He stimulates to his students and with his encouragement student learns also extra ordinary things with intelligible way .

Teacher also not just provides subject knowledge but he provides the knowledge about the value of spirituality , morality , co-operation and politeness .

We can learn from teacher by his behaviour . In these thing , we can include punctuality , discipline , tactfulness , softness and handling of difficult problems . I have also learn above thing from my Gurus by continually study of his behaviour toward us .

After IT revolution , role of teacher also has become more important due to teaching international way through blogging , e-education , and online education ..

From above , I have selected blogging for providing education . At universal approach , teacher has become also trouble shooters of world problems .

Monday, March 9, 2009

Why youth have to donate eyes

I am richest person by donated eyes , You will come to my position , I feel that I am the one of richest person in this world who have given above amounted donation . But I am also happy , when I will die in future , My eyes will alive and two blind persons will enable to see this world . I love this world and when I saw any blind person I felt very sad and I decided to donate my eyes .

Donation of eye is one of greatest donation . I believe in God and I always request to all person of whole world to donate your eyes . Donation of eyes is very easy .

And now I come on my topic

There are following reasons that you have to donate eyes .

  1. Youths' determination power is very high so , he can decide to donate eyes.
  2. This is time of accidents , there is no guarantee to live secure , so before die in accidents , we should donate our eyes and feel happiness of this social work .
  3. If youths will come forward and donate eyes other person will come forward . When I start to trend to donate eyes , I share my voice with my friends and many friends accepted my request and donate their eyes . So , The friend circle of youths are very high . It is the reason that youths should donate the eyes .

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gita education for youths of India

Hey Arjuna ! who works for me and devotes me means he lives in absorbing me and he is my devotee , such person gets me .
Heard the God's endless developments' explanation Arjuna requests that hey Almighty ! I want to look your developed appearance .

On this , Almighty gives supernatural vision and shows his divine appearance .

Almighty says that hey Arjuna ! you see my large body , see my different types hundreds and thousand appearance , see whole world in my body , this appearance is the brilliant , bright , endless and infinite . I am prevalenting with my thousands of eyes and thousands of arms in the world when Arjuna saw his large majesty appearance then he surprised , he had looked glow all sides in this large appearance . If thousands of sun also arise brightly in the sky then those light can not compare his large appearance's glow .

After seeing God's large appearance , Arjuna saluted , and is saying , Hey God! I see all Angeles , saints and great sage in your this supernatural appearance .

There is neither starting point nor end point . Infinite power is in it and infinite majesty .

Your majesty is spreading in hell, earth and space .

God says that hey Arjuna ! This my divine appearance is rare . Angels also pine for its looking .Yes my best devotee gets the sight of this appearance .

You are my prime devotee . Therefore I show you this appearance very pleasingly .

You are very lucky .
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