Monday, March 17, 2008

Youth - Unity

Unity of youth is base of any nation's progress . If every youth wants to live separate from other youth and he does not like other youths . At this level whole nation will divide in the number of youths . At this level , they can not create integration of country . Because nation is combination of same thinking youths .Whole world looks youths of country. If they love with each other , If they create social network . Other countries surely see them with the eye of respect .

In India , there are large number of youths but have divided into caste , religion , languages and different states . I think that if they break all constraints of caste , religion , languages and different states , then they can create real youth - unity . A single person can not fight every type of evil of this world . But , If youth becomes unite , they can face every evil and easily fight with these . All youths must respect their national flag , National Emblem , National Anthem and National Song because these are basic points that is so important for creation same thinking on nation . They should always speak

  • We love our country.
  • We respect our country.
  • We are Unite .
  • We respect our mother tongue.
  • We can sacrifice everything for safeguarding our nation.
  • We respect other Indians .
  • We will support to pick up weak youths of India .
  • We will develop our country.
  • We will contribute in the form of tax for the progress of India .
  • We will not cheat with our country.
  • Every Indian is our real relative .
  • We will not put stigma on our country up to our death.
  • Interest of Our country are so important than our personal interest .
  • We all interested to make integration of Our Country.

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