Saturday, May 31, 2008

Youths co-operation and its effect

If all youths will co-operate with each other for getting education , after this , there will a high effect on their learning process . It is true that every person does not know every thing . But with co-operation with other , youth can develop their knowledge not only his field but also his friends field . In future , there will the time of co-operation , all narrow thinking will go into vanish . On every wall , it is display help and help , the original mantra of Swami Vivekananda .With co-operation youths can increase their mutual love and affection . Co-operation is best tool for increasing the deepness of friendship . Co-operation joins two different knowledge youth on same platform where they can share their ideas and help each other .
Today we see that Internet becomes friend of every society , but you know that in Internet also large number of social network is active in the form of orkut , my space , different forum . They gives just education of co-operation among youths and youths . I hope that youth will co-operate every needy and helpless people of the world .
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