Sunday, November 30, 2008

the role of youth in India

India is the great country and it is fully dependent on youth . If the youth of India will strong . Our country need not fear from any other world power . Our youth are so important for our India . If youth will become unhealthy and weak they can not safeguard our India.

At this time , we should guide our youth , they are using drugs , and entrapping several bad habits . They are not interested in the reading of good books but busy in love affairs . That is not good for India. Love is the necessity of life but it should be true . There are many duties of youth which do not allow his free wondering and waste the time .

If whole India's all youth will do all work with co-ordination and co-operation , then that day is not far when whole world will see us with the eye of honour and respect .

For this youths should do the work of benevolence . They can increase prosperity with their generosity .

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