Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Responsibility of Youth

There are many responsibility of youth. Youth is responsible to build the nation. Youth is responsible to make the society good and noble . Youth can improve the community and culture of society . If youth understands his responsibility , a large number of crime may reduce with in one day. In India we need responsible youth . We do not need careless youth . We do not need drunken youth . We do not need indifferent youth . We do not need reckless youth . Because these type of youth weaks our country. A responsible youth is better than 100 careless youth . Careless youth do not understand his responsibility . He is not entitled for any credit . Youth's responsibility makes youth perfect if he perform his responsibility . Many people need the help of youth but youth do not care of this and after this so many mishappening is happen on carelessness of youth .

I am here giving the main responsibilities of youth .

1. Value of time 

It is the responsibility of youths to identify the value of time . Because every moment of youth is very costly . Youth should be punctual for doing every work.

2. Stick to high ideals 

Our saints have fixed good ideals for human being. It is the responsibility of youth that he has to stick all high ideals .

3. Discipline 

It is responsibility of youth to maintain discipline because youth have passion . They misuse their passion by creating indiscipline. With indiscipline we can not make our country great . So , youth must understand the importance of discipline.

4. Tolerance 

I often saw that youths are so hurry to get result of his work . It is the responsibility of youth to do every work with tolerance . They should wait and they should present as a example of patience for others . They should learn tolerance from shri Ram Chandra when his father order him to go to forest for 14 years . He accepted this order patiently and wait 14 years for returning back to home . His responsibility is also an example for all youths .

5. Think before action 

Youths have stopped thinking . But he should know that this is main responsibility to think before action . With doing this youths can make thoughtful society . They can create original thinking . Thinking is differ from cramming . Thinking develop the mind of society but cramming ceases to be capable of original thinking.

6. Defend the freedom of country 

We are the citizens of free India . We got this freedom 62 years back . Countless freedom fighters struggled for achieving it . They sacrificed themselves so that we may hold our head high in respectful manner . It is the responsibility of youths of India to defend this freedom at every cost .
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