Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Duties of Youth

God has given all powers to youths so that he can perform his duties with effective way and do what God has given order to him. It is the duty of youth that he becomes supporter of nonsupport people . He pick up to falling people . The power of youth should be useful for nation . Thinking of youth must be positive and creative . It is his duty that he leads whole country. After creating the feeling of obeying the duties in the blood of youth , he can do his duty honestly. The time of youth is not just wondering or resting but it is the opportunity , that will come one time in any body's life so if youth take the benefit and do his duty with honesty , then he can create an example in the front of coming new generation . If you want to know what are main duties of youths , here , I am writing , Understand it and then try to do .

→ Duty to serve parents .
→ Duty to serve the nation.
→ Duty to obey the order of elders .
→ Duty to help to orphans.
→ Duty to clear the debts of Gurues and Saints .
→ Duty to obey the rules and regulations .
→ Duty to cleanness.
→ Duty to protest against corruption
→ Duty to respect the law
→ Duty to walk on the right way of life .
→ Duty to fulfill the friendship
→ Duty not to misuse the power of God
→ Duty not to break all those thing which we can not Adhibit
→ Duty to establish the Dharma
→ Duty to value to Children
→ Duty to Promise to follow
→ Duty to become self-dependent
→ Duty to oppose to injustice
→ Duty to donate

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