Saturday, January 24, 2009

Role of Education for national development

Education is milestone of every type of development . Education provides all knowledge to do any work with systematic way . With education any country develop his economy and society . Well-educated population lives with silence and calm . They love with each other and believe in social community . Education develops the personality of the youth of nation . Education makes people perfect by providing large number of skills . Education creates awareness in the population that makes them self-reliance and self-dependent . Education is such source that increases if it is distributed , Large number of International NGO are providing free education to the orphan students of developing Country . SOS Children Village is one of example of them . I have provided education to students of SOS children Village for many year in the beginning of my teaching Career . Education has the power to create stability and equality in different religions , caste people . In brief Education gives five major things to the nation's youth :

  1. High thinking level :- Education develops High thinking level in youths .
  2. High Logic Level :- Education develops High logic level in youths .
  3. High Knowledge level :- Education develops High Knowledge level in youths .
  4. High Research level :- Education develops High Research level in youths .
  5. High Integration level :- Education develops High Integration level in youths .
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