Saturday, January 24, 2009

Role of Education for national development

Education is milestone of every type of development . Education provides all knowledge to do any work with systematic way . With education any country develop his economy and society . Well-educated population lives with silence and calm . They love with each other and believe in social community . Education develops the personality of the youth of nation . Education makes people perfect by providing large number of skills . Education creates awareness in the population that makes them self-reliance and self-dependent . Education is such source that increases if it is distributed , Large number of International NGO are providing free education to the orphan students of developing Country . SOS Children Village is one of example of them . I have provided education to students of SOS children Village for many year in the beginning of my teaching Career . Education has the power to create stability and equality in different religions , caste people . In brief Education gives five major things to the nation's youth :

  1. High thinking level :- Education develops High thinking level in youths .
  2. High Logic Level :- Education develops High logic level in youths .
  3. High Knowledge level :- Education develops High Knowledge level in youths .
  4. High Research level :- Education develops High Research level in youths .
  5. High Integration level :- Education develops High Integration level in youths .


  1. Its true, a nation is what it is because of its education system. education is the heart of the nation, its function spreads through out the veins of society to the organs of the state thus producing a just,well off and stable nation.

  2. Asiimwe Jackline, LLM Cand. Dar es salaam UniversityJanuary 21, 2013 at 7:08 AM

    First and foremost a bunch of invaluable gratitude goes to the author.
    Indeed education is a great weapon, weaponry of peace which when properly employed helps empowers the youth first,others and then the state.


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