Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who am I

What is the real answer of Who am I , if you ask this question from any other person , then he can explain easily his name with his bio data but but , it is so difficult to explain who am i . I am young , or I am old . These also are the adjective . But in real sense , we are the soul and we have came here to work . According to Hindu thinking , we found this clothes after 84 lakh creations of world . So I am soul and One of most wonderful creation of God . God has made me with full power and when , I become youth , I can do every thing .

Yesterday , I had answer the below question so , Today , I am sharing with you .

Question by yahoo ! answer member

Have to write essay on topic " who am I " in three pages ?

Answer by me

You have asked , very difficult question of the world but dear student , Good question but Difficult , I always like .I am trying to solve your problem , hope, you will like Who am I , I am Vinod Kumar a professional blogger at SVOPI , teacher , lecturer , professor and more over troubleshouter . You know what do you think . Who am I , I am body , Five part of its Air, water , Fire , Sky and soil.When they mixed each other , I exist.You know what am I man , woman , boy , girl , or whatso ever. Above two definitions are very low level But when we study our spiritual books , after this we can define Who am I .In the wording of Swami Vivekananda " You are the part of God , God is our real Father . So all of us brother and sisters . Because we soul ." That is the best answer of Who am I ?I am soul and in the cover of human body cover ,Gita says , " You have forgotten your real entity that what are you , you are soul and it is immortal , it never die nor distruct and never cut by any weapon ." So identify your self .Dear you want to just 3 pages and want to finish this topic . Dear , this question is the real question of the world . Three pages are very less to understand this question's answer but I think , you should give your whole life for solving this problem .Because , Up to that Age , I am also researching who am I in real ?

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