Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gita for youth - Part 2

( Gyan Yoga )

( Hey Arjuna ! your right is in duty not in results - Shri Krishna )

Shri Krishna gave immortal advice to his student Arjuna after watching this situation of Arjuna which is called Gita .

Shri Krishna makes Arjuna understand that hey Arjuna ! Your heart has filled with deep love with your relatives Why are you agitating with deep love ? You have understood same both body and soul . This is your mistake . Every body's soul is immortal and body is destructible . Only body cuts with sword not soul .Dying of body , soul does not die . Soul always exists and will always exist . Birth and die is only for body , Soul is ever young and immortal .

See Arjuna ! Duty is lovable thing , if you will not do the duty your soul will fall down . Soul is not downfall from death but it is fall down from not doing duty , If death comes then next birth obtains better than this birth .

If you do not do duty then next birth bents down , then birth in which there is a lot of loss .God then preaches , Hey Arjuna ! you are Kshatriya , fighting for morality is your supreme duty . In this fight your side is moral side .

Your fight is moral fight . Join in moral fight after sacrificing all deep love . If you died in this morality , you will go to paradise .

Your welfare is in both situations . You have ball shaped sweet meet in your both hands . Hey Arjuna! you do your duty with equal feeling , fighting without act attachment feeling , fight to know equal to pleasure sadness , profit and loss , win & defeat . You will not become sinful to do such things . This lesson is concerned to soul relative knowledge therefore this lesson is called Gyan yoga.

// Om Tatsat //

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