Monday, February 2, 2009

How to succeed in life

Every person wants to succeed in life but how many people have succeeded in life in real sense . Only 10% out of 100 . That is not meant that 90 people did not try for success but , there try were not in right way with firm determination . If you will not try in right way , you will not get success . And we should also know , what are main factor that affects the success . We should also know our weak point or weaknesses , after destruction of all weakness , you will sure succeed in life . We read the biography of any successful person , then we find that his life is full of struggle for getting success . It is wrong that only Rich gets success but success needs hard work , firm determination , self- confidence and face every problem in the way of success . After this you will get success ..

I am telling you a little true story . A saint was living on first floor of house and from where he was always crying , what do you want , you will get it . Every person knows him as mad man . But one day , A person who is new in that colony will go to that person and ask , Respected Saint , I want to become businessman of diamonds and succeed in this business , give me the tips and tricks for this . That saint said that I give you one diamond , its name is time , do not waste it ,and try to use it in your success mission and also I give you one pearl , its name is good works , in your life always do good works . After applying this in your life , you will surely succeed in your life . That person did not care and went from that place after this he was enjoying the life but one day he remember the story of that saint who gave him good suggestion , he act upon his suggestions and become good and successful businessman in the field of diamond at international market after four years hard work . He thinks that what is the secrete of my success . He remember that saint , he went to that saint and said him that he gave him true suggestion and I acted upon his advice and now he is successful . That saint told that man that you realize this after 4 years , I am here and crying from 20 years that time is very valuable , do not waste it , always do good work but people say me mad . You have also become mad .
So dear students , this is the secrete of success . Please act upon my advice .

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  1. Nice Thoughts. Keep posting your beautiful and inspiring thoughts.


    Hitesh Jain


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