Friday, February 6, 2009

Problems of Youth

There are many problems of youth , which I am mentioning here .
  • Unemployment

Unemployment is the main problem of youth . What is reason of unemployment . Main reason is that youths are not concentrate on one target of his life . They do not fix the aim of their life . I think , every person has many qualities , so they should identify them and fix their target . They should search self -employment and do not waste in searching jobs .

  • Violence

Violence and quarrel with each other is also the problem of youth . They should ban on tendency of violence . Because , these type of open violence can kill to anybody . They should remember their duties and responsibilities for their nation . Violence should convert in non violence . But Destroy sin is differ from violence . It is also duty to raise the voice against cruelty . They should make national society for prevention of cruelty to anybody . Do not tolerate any Remorselessness

  • Poverty

Poverty or Indigence is main problem of youth . Some youths are living Below poverty line . Due to Poverty-stricken , he can not start his own business . It is true that Prime minister integrated urban poverty eradication programme . But , still today , there are many youth are facing this problem . So all youths should integrate for Poverty alleviation . It is our basic duty to Take them Out of gutter .

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