Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Role of Youth in Rural Development

Role of youth in rural development is as role of farmer in field. Without farmer, his farm can not develop because, farmer is owner of that farm, and he has power to develop it. Like this youth has power to develop village. Villages are facing several problems like illiteracy, unemployment, reducing of moral character, bad habits and drinking. Youth can start social work in villages after this rural development is possible. For this a large number of young volunteers are needed for this work. They can also contribute for solving other problems and evils of villages. If every youth of village can take promise to give education to one illiterate village youth, whole village can become well educated. Real development of village is in its full education.

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  1. very well said..unless youth of the nation do not disseminate education they have imbibed,development of nation ceases..lets pledge for the continuity of the wheel of development in our all best possible ways..jai bharat..


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