Friday, February 20, 2009

Youth development

The world youth is synonyms with hectic activity , high spirits and risk taking and endurance . Young or youth can only take risk for prove himself . Development is synonyms with progress activity , improvement and advancement .

If we combine youth and development words , it read as youth development . This word is most important . Because when you write it in google search engine box , you will find 2450000 result . It means all the globe , people are interested in youth development programme and want to know different strategy to develop youth .

Only developed youth can ensure political stability and buoyant economy to forefront as a new world giant .

Ways for developing the youth

Now question rises how can we develop our youth . There are following tips or ways for developing the youth .

1st way

Through national youth policy

Through national youth policy , we can develop our youth . Because these policies are related to the development planning of youth . When we pre- determined the target of youth , after this , there is no restriction in development of youth .

2nd way
Through national yova Kendra sangathan

If In India , we will succeed to make national yova Kendra sangathan , then it is possible with its unity that , we can develop our youth .

3rd way
Through national service schemes

If some youth come to front for doing voluntary service under national service schemes . Then with their social work , we can support many weak youth of country .

4th way
Through inter - state youth exchange programme

It is best way for developing youth within short period . When one state youth meets with other state youth for their knowledge exchange programme . They can develop each other . You have seen language in yahoo messenger . It will also helpful tool of Internet to talk with other states person , suppose I am Punjabi , i can talk with the youth of Tamil or Bengali share my views to him . So , it is the need to develop different exchange programme for developing youth .

5th way

Through financial assistance to poor and needy youths

If you are rich and you can share your wealth with poor and needy youths . With your substantial , poor youth can develop . It is the best way to use well-to-do only for welfare of poor and needy youths . superb person is always think not only himself but he also wants to make other rich .

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