Thursday, February 5, 2009


Youth means young blood of nation. It is wrong that it is the age between 15 to 24. I criticize wikipedia which show it 15 to 24. Because Youth word comes from its main quality of sharpness, hotness, speediness, beauty, love, smiling. It is true this age is between childhood and old age but, we can keep it in specific age category. If we keep it in specific category, it will surely overlook other young who is more than above age. Because if we study 4 Vedic book or Veda (Oldest books of this world) . We get the order of God which I can explain in these words,” My dear children, I am your father God, you are all my children. I have full power to live 100 years. Follow my rules and regulations and enjoy in this earth. If you feel any disturbance in disease, for all these, you are responsible yourself. “From these wording, we get education that God want to make us youth for 100 years. So, There are two parts :- Childhood and youth age. There is not old age according to thinking of God.

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