Monday, March 2, 2009

Gita education for youths of India

Hey Arjuna ! who works for me and devotes me means he lives in absorbing me and he is my devotee , such person gets me .

Heard the God's endless developments' explanation Arjuna requests that hey Almighty ! I want to look your developed appearance .

On this , Almighty gives supernatural vision and shows his divine appearance .

Almighty says that hey Arjuna ! you see my large body , see my different types hundreds and thousand appearance , see whole world in my body , this appearance is the brilliant , bright , endless and infinite . I am prevalenting with my thousands of eyes and thousands of arms in the world when Arjuna saw his large majesty appearance then he surprised , he had looked glow all sides in this large appearance . If thousands of sun also arise brightly in the sky then those light can not compare his large appearance's glow .

After seeing God's large appearance , Arjuna saluted , and is saying , Hey God! I see all Angeles , saints and great sage in your this supernatural appearance .

There is neither starting point nor end point . Infinite power is in it and infinite majesty .

Your majesty is spreading in hell, earth and space .

God says that hey Arjuna ! This my divine appearance is rare . Angels also pine for its looking .Yes my best devotee gets the sight of this appearance .

You are my prime devotee . Therefore I show you this appearance very pleasingly .

You are very lucky .

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