Monday, March 2, 2009

Raj Vidya yog

Hey son of kunti ! you certainly know that my devotee never destroys
In this lesson , it is total the secrete of Bhram vidya . Almighty says that hey Arjuna! if a sinner deeply devotes me then he becomes religious soul . This all sin destruct . He obtains prime peace .

Again says that hey Arjuna ! Certainly know , my devotee is never destructible . I keep kind sight on my devotee every moment , protect my devotee , help him . I am not curved even the single hair . Yes , devotee should be real devotee , be devoted

Hey Arjuna ! This is my promise for real devotee .

Further says that hey Arjuna! you keep my order .

Every thing which you eat , donate , a sacrificial act should devote to me . Your welfare is in this .

In end , God says that Hey Arjuna ! you concentrate on me , devote me , solute me , come in my shelter , you will obtain to do this . There is no mole doubt in this .

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