Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Role of teacher in bringing social changes

Teacher is not just man to teach something . But In India , teacher is also a Guru who provides every knowledge to students. These students make society and nation. So, with providing good teaching , teacher can make good citizens of nation who respects our elders.

Teacher and its role for reform of society is very important . In this world , there are large number of profession from writing to production , but teaching is a profession which deals with the behaviour of students and teacher can develop the behaviour of students . After developing of the behaviour , students can develop their character . In my words , teacher provides the skill to do work by more efficiently .

Without , teacher we can not get education and without education we are nothing .

Teacher has also role to reforms and revaluation in society . By doing his duty , he spreads literacy in society . By this , illiteracy and ignorance can be removed . We know that ignorance is the base of every problem like high rate of population , poverty , unemployment and pollution . If teacher performs his duty honestly . Our society can also become honest .

It is teacher who invents new idea and provides to his students . With these ideas , students of great teacher have invented all new inventions .

If we are living this society by very relax and comfortable , the main reason beyond this , the hard work of teachers and their research for discovery of new things for society welfare.

Somebody knows teachers as guide because , he directs students step by step .He stimulates to his students and with his encouragement student learns also extra ordinary things with intelligible way .

Teacher also not just provides subject knowledge but he provides the knowledge about the value of spirituality , morality , co-operation and politeness .

We can learn from teacher by his behaviour . In these thing , we can include punctuality , discipline , tactfulness , softness and handling of difficult problems . I have also learn above thing from my Gurus by continually study of his behaviour toward us .

After IT revolution , role of teacher also has become more important due to teaching international way through blogging , e-education , and online education ..

From above , I have selected blogging for providing education . At universal approach , teacher has become also trouble shooters of world problems .

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