Monday, March 9, 2009

Why youth have to donate eyes

I am richest person by donated eyes , You will come to my position , I feel that I am the one of richest person in this world who have given above amounted donation . But I am also happy , when I will die in future , My eyes will alive and two blind persons will enable to see this world . I love this world and when I saw any blind person I felt very sad and I decided to donate my eyes .

Donation of eye is one of greatest donation . I believe in God and I always request to all person of whole world to donate your eyes . Donation of eyes is very easy .
And now I come on my topic
There are following reasons that you have to donate eyes .
  1. Youths' determination power is very high so , he can decide to donate eyes.
  2. This is time of accidents , there is no guarantee to live secure , so before die in accidents , we should donate our eyes and feel happiness of this social work .
  3. If youths will come forward and donate eyes other person will come forward . When I start to trend to donate eyes , I share my voice with my friends and many friends accepted my request and donate their eyes . So , The friend circle of youths are very high . It is the reason that youths should donate the eyes .

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