Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Awareness in Youths about eye donation

Awareness in youths about eye donation is very important because if they abandon their ignorance and start to donate eyes , a new revolution in eye donation can be easily brought . For doing this all youths have to unite and accinge for this great revolution . First of youths will have to acquaint basic concept of eye donation , After this India can acquire the target of large scale eye donation from Indian youths . So , today tutorial's main aim is to education about different concept of eye donation .

Please concentrate and read before donating your eyes :-

# 1. What is eye donation

Eye donation is that donation in which you have fill the form of your voluntary will to donate your eyes after your death . This eye donation form after signing is submitted by donor to nearest eye bank .

# 2. Why should I donate eyes ?

Ist : In India 25 lakhs people are blind due to Corneal . This blindness can easily treat with Corneal transplantation . When you donate eyes , you can yield two blind people's eye light . After your death , they can see this world .

2nd : In eye donation , your eyes will be taken after your death . So , without any fear , you should donate your eyes to eye bank .

3rd : After donation , you can feel satisfaction .

# 3. What is eye bank ?

Eye bank is that bank which collects eyes from death person when his relative informs doctor of this bank , this bank takes eyes of death person and keep it in live position and distribute it free to blind people .

So , please contact your nearest eye bank , department of ophthalmology PGI Chandigarh , India , your nearest govt. hospital , Eye Bank Association of America , Iowa Lions Eye Bank and Heartland Lions Eye Banks , ns Eye Donation Service, Melbourne Australia .


  1. having reading this i want to donate my eyes, not only eyes every part of body i am ready to donate ...plz every one donate for the people eat leafy vagetables it may help others also ok plzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Donating your eyes or any parts of your body after your death is good way of helping others. Your soul can surely rest in peace after doing good deed.


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