Monday, November 30, 2009

Youth And Moral Values

There is deep relationship between youth and moral Values . If youths adopt all moral values and operate their life according to this , then they will become more responsible for performing their duty . After this nobody can misuse youths.
Today , youths are not responsible because they do not know their moral values . They abuse their parents . They scold their elders . Even , they do not feel shame to insult others by commenting bad . Why are spreading these things . Answer is clear . Lack of moral value and its education to youths .
In Ramayna , Shri Lakshman sacrificed for his elder brothers . How many brothers are like Lakshman . Modernisation has reduced the moral values . Modernisation has appended fashion just fashion . If we deeply see then we can find that natural beauty is in moral values . Many moral values are learnt from family. It is the duty of parent to teach moral values to their children in the beginning because one day , these children will become youth without moral values , they will not become good citizen . Target of welfare society is only possible after designing the youth with moral value color .
I can give simple example of youth's moral value . Suppose , old person wants to cross the road and a youth is very nearer to him. It is his moral duty that he should help the poor person . Moral values makes youth angel.
I can give another example , Suppose , you are youth and you see the person on the road after accident , a well educated youth can go by leaving him on the road but a person with full of moral value will surely help that needy people . I saw the picture of Aprachit . This is Hindi movie and in this many events are only teaching of moral values to youth . God is seeing every thing , if we do not do our duty well or neglect from our duty . We are responsible ourselves for getting punishment .
Awaking moral values in youth can reduce black marketing , adulteration , cheating , fraud and manipulation. Swami Vivekananda had struggle to awake moral values in youth . He said always , awake , arise and not stop till goal is achieved . It means awake your moral values by firm determination that you are one of great part of god and why are you doing immoral works . God has given power to earn honestly , then why are you earning by cheating . Self realization , self analysis are good technique to awake your moral values .
The followings are main moral values of youth .
  1. Help to helpless
  2. Listen the moral education
  3. Self inspection in night , what did I do immoral in whole day.
  4. Create inspiration for others
  5. Think about others need , position , respect and value


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