Thursday, January 21, 2010

Role of Youth in Community Development

Youths are the parts of community. Community can solve every problem with tenant of youths. Community is not just group of people but it is the group of children, young and old people who have different knowledge but they are interested to work with each other. At young age, youths have power to generate new idea to solve problems of society. Suppose, in Specific Street, there is the shortage of electricity. No one is interested to talk this matter to higher authority. Youths of that street can make the community to talk this matter to higher authority and complaint irresponsible officers and employees of electricity department.

In One quote of Swami Vivekananda says

Time of young age is not for wasting by making chatting community, but youths should make community for solving social problems of India.

Youth can develop the skill of making good community from Swami Ji's quotes. It is also duty of different associations that they should take youths as active worker of association.

It is very sad news that youths are making community online for finding girlfriends and boyfriends and sharing their naked, nude, unclothed, undressed and porn pictures and videos. They are spoiling their worthy time. It is very good, if they create community for collecting donation for Haiti earthquake tragedy. It is very good, if they creation online community for providing free education to poor. It is also good, if they make the group of youths online and start educational project in Wikipedia and Wikiversity. Youths can create more community feeling in country by following two things.

High Vision #

Set high vision for development of country.

High Aim #

Set high aim for development of country

Vision and aim of youths should be high because, when youths will interact in community, then it is possible they will not stand longer, if they have not set high vision and aim.

One more important factor is affecting youth that is internet. Before invention of internet, youths of community met each other after job or business hours. Now, they meet on twitter or face book. They can listen  read the sorrow or happiness of friends’ just 140 words of twitter. Some smart youths can also says that this is recent and new trend of create vast community in the world. But, I can say, if you have no time to meet your friend offline, then you are create just community, community and community by following, following and following but good network’s base is love whose presence must be start from your home, street and it will reach to the society of your village and city. I am not criticizing face book and twitter but fix the time for them.

You must know that in India there are 350 million illiterates even after invention and developing of internet. There is more than 70% of Indians who can not afford Rs. 500 for internet charges to get free education online. If youths want to rise, awake and never sleep before achieve their vision or aim, then they have to mould and to shape community for providing education to illiterates and for helping literates to acquire employable skills. It is the dream of Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil who addressed to nation on the eve of Independence Day 15th Aug. 2009 that weaker sections of country can only uplift by creating large number of youths community on NGO basis. Our present Prime minister also accepted, without support of Indian great youths which are working in business, companies and services sector, development of India is impossible.

In end, I say only that youths of India should join and create community for taking the responsibility of country as mission. After this, whole world can understand real importance of youths in community. They can understand what can youth do. After progress works of community, their reputation will increase not only in India but in whole world.


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  3. In This Post give information about Perspective and aim of youths should be great because, when youths will communicate in community.


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