Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My opinion of "Homeless" people

Home less people are those whose have no their own home . They are wondering street to street without any aim , society does not see them with the eye of respect . But , I think that society deems him as the scrap of society . Many of them are youths . There are many reasons for becoming homeless . They may homeless due to their mental or money problem . They sleep on footpath and live almost dirty clothes . But they are also human being , As a good citizen of this country , it is our basic duty to help all homeless people . I can suggest different way of helping homeless people .
  • Try to collect donation for making homes for homeless people .
  • Try to treat their mental of physical problems .
  • Try to see them with the respect and create them the environment of love and affections because we do not know what is exect reason of their homeless , so
  • Try to adopt them for making beautiful society .

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