Thursday, February 26, 2009

Role of youth in Indian economy

As youth of India and Indian , I thought many times to write my views on role of youth in Indian economy. So, today , I started this article to write on my blog youth integration.

Indian economy is mixed economy in which both Govt. and non Govt. factors are affecting it . Because all these factors are youth of India so , it is very important role of youth of India in Indian Economy.

You should know one of most important condition of economic development is its fast moment according to the condition of market . For example , just like sale and purchase of goods depends on bargaining of purchasers and sellers and same work is done in economy in the form of monetary and capital dealings . Youth can take risk and can activate the different activities of money and capital market . He can start new business with his high bravery skills . After opening of new business in India , it can create new employment for 10 new unemployed Indian youths . So , youths can solve the major economic problem of India with his economic and business skills .

But problems is that Indian youths are capturing in web of ignorance , they are not coming for taking the economic burden of India . It is very dangerous for Indian economy. Our economy is saved even high recession in USA and Europe but , it can risk from bad Indian Youths . I suggest to All bad Indian youths to leave their all evils and contribute of their part in economic development of India. They should learn economics of India . They should fulfil all India needs and wants with minimum wealth and try to minimize wastage of their energy in rough and bad works .

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