Thursday, January 1, 2009

Role of youth in nation

Today is 2009 , and at this time if we talk about the role of youth we can say that there can be major role of youth for development of any country or nation .

Youth can carry the whole country on the road of progress with their fast speed . He can carry the country toward new lights of prosperity . He can do economic , social and spiritual development with his intellect . All above things are only possible when youths know their responsibility . But these days we see all thing inverse .We see old and child in any social function or social activities but we do not see young or youth . Reason is clear . We can see them in theater , clubs and drinks shops .All these shops are ending the power of our youths . We are also seeing its terrorised results . Today youth can not pick up a very light weight of 25 kg . How sad it is ?

We will not find them in benevolence activities . Rising of 1or 2 young can works as spark but for making the fire of revolution , it is very necessary all youth's contribution . If youths want to play a greatful role in nation , then they have to give the test for it .

Today , we deem USA , France , UK and Canada as the developed countries but why we compare India with very poor countries . The reason is that our youth becomes lazy . We can not develop India by this laziness . Yes , if the youth identify himself , there is no delay up to now . Once the passion of youth will awake , then you will see India will not be beyond from any other country.

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