Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gita for youth - Part 3

( Karam Yoga )

Arjuna is anxious in this type that he does not understand Krishna's secret taking . He again asks the question which begins third chapter of Gita . Third chapter explains Karma Yoga . Karma Yoga is also called unselfish Yoga . Do their duty without any desire of result . This is called unselfish yoga.

Mahatma Gandhi writes that third lesson is key to know the real form of Gita . Whosoever has understood third lesson , he has understood real advice of Gita.
Mahatma Gandhi then says that Gita's real advice is to sacrifice result of act. This advice has shown different place in different ways.

Gita Says

  • Leave result and do the work .

  • Leave hope and do duty .

  • Do duty unselfishly.

This is unforgettable voice of Gita , he fells who leaves duty , he climbs who leave results while doing duty. This is the theme of Gita .

God Krishna says that Hey Arjuna ! your right is in doing the duty , your right is not on its result . You do your duty after leaving desire of result . Your welfare is also in this .

Hey Arjuna ! Raja Janak had obtained supernatural powers with doing duty . You do duty to establish model for people .

With fighting and doing duty such a way , there will be a good effect on your coming progeny. Your reputation will exist for long time.

// Om Tasat //

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  1. yes only do duty is real karma yog . Vinod ji you have written Good article for making relationship between Gita teaching and Youth.


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