Monday, March 2, 2009

Gita education for youth - Lesson 10th

Vibuti yog
Hey Arjuna ! That all is the part of my majesty which is the things of development and beauty in this world .

This lesson is called vibuti yog . In this lesson , almighty explains his beauties that hey Arjuna ! I am the soul leaving in every heart . I am beginner , end and middle . I am the moon in constellation , samvada in vades , inder in angels . Kubar in riches , japyog in yugs , piple in trees , vajar in weapons .

I am the policy in desirous to win the fight , shar in animals , The Ganga in rivers , I am the birth and death of all . I am the majesty of glower and knowledge of learned . I am creation , remembrance , patience and beauty .

Like this type , hey Arjuna ! There is no end of my endless development know that all things are born from part of my Majesty which is thing of development , brightness and calmness .

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